Complete Set of TWENTY-NINE Jet aircraft plans


You will receive all TWENTY-NINE of our Jet aircraft as 29 separate pdf files.

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Get all TWENTY-NINE of our Jet aircraft as a set for a limited timed for one low price. Set includes every single one of the Jet aircraft we have produced since day one for less than $4 a plan! Included are the following:

Sukhoi SU-30MKI

F-15 Eagle re-relase

Mig 21 re-release

Shenyang J-11

F-4 Phantom re-release

Basic MiG 15 plans

F-5 Tiger II


Deluxe MiG 15 BIS

F-100 Super Sabre

MiG 21

F-4 Phantom II

F-86 Sabre

Harrier Jump Jet

Sr-71 Blackbird

F-18 Hornet

F-117 Nighthawk

Deluxe F-86 Sabre

F-15 Eagle

F-16 Falcon

F-35 Lightning

F-14 Tomcat

Sukhoi SU-27

F-22 Raptor

A-10 Warthog

F-105 thunderchief

F-104 Starfighter

MiG 29

F-84 Thunderstreak



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